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3Dconnexion bring you 3D Mice. A 3D mouse redefines the way people work with 3D models and applications, introducing users to an easier, more balanced, two-handed work style. The pressure sensing controller becomes a virtual extension of you. Push, pull, twist or tilt to simultaneously pan, zoom and rotate the model or camera view.

3D mouse users report a more streamlined design process, reduced work-related fatigue and performance benefits including improved error detection and average productivity gains of 21%.



The world’s first mouse for CAD professionals for precision engineering.

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3DConnexion 3D Mice Framework
Case Study

3Dconnexion 3D mice have become an essential part of the design tool kit at cutting edge 3D design studio, Framework.

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Want to know whats available? See the full range of 3Dconnexion products that can help boost your productivity.

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