SketchUp Mobile Viewer

SketchUp Mobile Viewer

Because your SketchUp models may reside in different places the SketchUp Mobile Viewer allows you to access your models from 3D Warehouse, Trimble Connect, and Dropbox. The app also gives you the ability to open SketchUp models that are attached to email messages, directly from your mail app.

Orbit anywhere
Experience the power of orbit on your phone and tablet. Position cameras and use multi-touch gestures to orbit, pan, zoom and look around your SketchUp models wherever you happen to be. You can also select from preset Scenes to quickly hop around projects, or play fly-through animations.

Present on the go

Access your 3D models anywhere. Connect to 3D Warehouse, Dropbox, Google Drive, or Trimble Connect, or simply grab models from your email inbox. It’s easy to save projects for offline viewing, so there’s no need to worry about an Internet connection during important presentations.

Your models,your way

With section planes, orthographic and perspective cameras, layer visibility, Xray mode, edge and face styles, you can compose customized views of your model quickly and simply. Need to view a bird's-eye of a building? How about an interior section elevation? See it in your mind: show it on the SketchUp Mobile Viewer.


SketchUp Mobile Viewer Features
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